Structurally Bolted Assemblies

Casu Consulto Limited is a market leader in the provision of structurally bolted / glazed assemblies, encompassing the following elements:


Structurally Bolted Facades:

This form of design intensive, bespoke glazing encompasses the fixing of glass via high grade stainless steel point fixings to a support structure. Typically, for vertical or raked glazing this support structure would consist of engineered toughened glass fins, or CHS / SHS steels tied back to the main structure of the building. The glass panels are sealed at the edges using structural silicone, providing an ‘all glass’ or frameless façade.

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Structurally Glazed Facades:

Otherwise known as ‘Channel Glazing’ this method of glazing does not typically utilise bolts and is instead secured at the head and cill via an extruded non thermally broken channel or bespoke ‘back to back’ angles, with a silicone glass to glass joint. Often installed as a ground floor façade solution, the system is limited to circa 3m in height before glass fins or other support is required. Channel at the head and cill can be recessed or on show.

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Glass Cubes / Entrances:

An elegant and modern alternative to standard lobby entrances or revolving doors, Casu has created a propriety all glass cube, supported via S/S goalposts or via glass fins and beams. These cubes provide a stunning and bespoke statement entrance to any building.We can incorporate automatic (bi parting or swing) doors if required. All glass can be double or single glazed, utilising high performance solar control.

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Casu are also able to offer design and installation expertise for the following items:
Glass Canopies
Structural Balustrades

Glass utilised by Casu in any structurally bolted or glazed assembly complies with the following:

BS 952 and the relevant parts of BS EN 572.

Edges must be free from vents, shelling, and severe feathering. They must be flat ground with a small arris, suitable for sealant jointing.

Dimensional tolerances measured before any heat toughening/heat strengthening are:
Pane size: +/- 1 mm of dimension required.

Pane squareness:
Not more than 3 mm difference in diagonal measurement when the diagonal is less than 4 m.
Not more than 4 mm difference in diagonal measurement when the diagonal is more than 4 m.

Pane thickness:
+/- 0.2 mm for 6 mm glass.
+/- 0.3 mm for 10/12 mm glass.
+/- 0.5 mm for 15 mm glass.
+/- 1.0 mm for 19 mm glass.

Hole positional tolerance: +/- 1.0 mm from single datum point. Hole diameter tolerance: +/- 1.0 mm

To BS EN 12150-1.
Subjected to a heat soaking test according to BS EN 14179-1.

To BS EN 12543.
Interlayers to glass leaves: polyvinyl butyral (pvb).

To BS EN 1863-1.

To BS EN1279

Sealant: Silicone to BS 5889, type A or B, neutral curing where in contact or close proximity to other products and finishes which may be adversely affected by acetoxy curing.

We are preferred and approved suppliers of the following key systems:


A market leading internationally recognised point-fixed system for insulated glazing units (IGU). It is connected to the supporting structure by means of four or more point fixings, which are attached only to the inner pane of the IGU.


CareyGlass offer a structural wall system with glass panels comprising the façade and vertical support. The wAllGlass system allows for the complete building envelope to be a frameless façade.



Casu can design supply & install a single glazed system that is designed and engineered in house.

Casu is able to specify whatever product you require for your project and we are more than happy to aid in design details and the production of NBS clauses. Please get in touch to discuss our systems further.

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